This is Independence Day Weekend in America. A holiday of fireworks, barbecues, and mindnumbing flag-waving. Yes I said it, report me to the CIA.

Don't be an idiot. We don't live in a country that's that free (see attempt at passing a flag burning law). And we certainly aren't fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people.

The definition of jingoism is: "Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism." Holy fucking shit, this describes America EXACTLY.

This past friday, Republican lawmakers tried to pass a flag-burning amendment. It required 67 votes, and fell only one vote short.

Joy Day, of Terry Stulce for Congress, a Democratic Congressional campaign, put it best:

The “Flag Protection Amendment” was nothing less than clumsy jingoism meant to exploit Americans’ love of their country and distract them from this administration’s long list of failures. I would be very disappointed if my fellow Americans weren’t clever enough to see past the flag waving to the cynical motives behind it. And I will be even more disappointed if they do not send a clear message to Washington in November: we are not that gullible, we will not be manipulated by such cheap shenanigans, we will not be distracted from your utter failure of leadership and vision, and we WILL send you home.

Do you know how many incidents of flag burning were reported in the US last year? FOUR. The year before it was THREE. And some motherfuckers were reporting this as a 33% increase, to scare more people into supporting this breach of freedom of speech.

What we've seen since 9/11 is the exploitation of this tragedy by Bush and his administration to pursue their own self-serving motives. Anyone with half a brain knows that it wasn't about WMD. Bush even wanted to paint a plane in UN colors so that Saddam would shoot at it and he would have another reason for going to war.
Surprisingly, 60 million Americans voted for this douchebag, and most of those still spprove of his performance.

We have talking heads like Sean Hannity on 'fair and balanced' news channels saying that you're not free if you're dead--in response to civil liberties concerns with the Patriot Act, surveillance programs, etc. Well I think the Iraqis feel the same way, douchebag! 127,000 Iraqis have died since invasion--and we are supposedly fighting for their "freedom." The hypocrisy reeks.

An eloquent piece by Ray Cassin written a month before the invasion:

"On the President's own testimony, a lot of things have already been decided. Such as that the administration will no longer be constrained by the need to identify a clear and imminent threat before launching a military attack. Since when have dictators given notice of their intentions, the President asked, blithely ignoring the fact that resort to pre-emptive attacks of the kind he advocates has in the past been a characteristic of the rogue states he claims to be protecting us from. If he feels free to violate international law just because he can, on what basis does he condemn them? Contempt for international law and the order it sustains is what defines a rogue state.

And not only will the US make war on whomever it wishes, whenever it wishes, it is prepared to use "the full force and might" of its military. This is apparently a declaration that the US no longer regards its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent only. Is it to be used against those who possess weapons of mass destruction? The contradictions multiply.

This is what is new in the world: a superpower so enraged at the September 11 attack upon it, and so convinced of its divine mandate, that it is prepared to trample on the international order it purports to be defending. George Bush's America has come a long way from that of Franklin Roosevelt and his four freedoms. The obfuscators are not only wrong to compare Hitler and Saddam; they also do violence to history when they ignore the ideals of those who defeated Hitler."

Independence Day is now Jingoism Day. Wave your flag, or be a traitor.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, the launching of the space shuttle was "delayed" until the 4th. Now millions of American families will sit around picnic tables feeling "proud" that we sent a billion dollar hunk of metal into space.

I just want to say that i feel SO SORRY for you. you are very self centered. you say you hate everyone, but boy do you LOVE yourself.. when your sitting in a nursery home someday, will you have regrets? why don't you TRY hating youself and change who you are and start loving others.?
may youfind TRUE freedom in the one and only God. Will pray for you!-K


Perhaps I don't want to wait Maybe I don't want to wait for the second coming of Jesus for true freedom to be spread across the world. When is that 2nd coming anyway--apparently Christians have been expecting it for 2000 years...

Maybe what we do now, what we have control of now, during our lives, is what our primary focus should be.

If you loved others, you would realize that I am the one that loves America, I am the one showing people the TRUTH, I am the one spreading the message that your fictitious God wants--by calling out the douchebags, like Tom Cruise and George Bush--and the Italian Soccer Team.

I don't even get mad when I read things like this, because all there is in my heart is sadness. Sadness for how people who come into contact with you will have their happiness sucked away. I read what you wrote on a dear friend of mines post about her happiness and completeness in our God. Maybe you should try finding out more about the Bible, just to prove how wrong it is of course. Anything with so much love, compassion, understanding, and forgiving HAS to be completely ridiculous. One more thing and I'm done, if you even read this comment. Jesus Christ paid the price for your sins, my sins, and any one who has or will sin. Whether you accept this free gift is up to you, and you are the one that is going to be held responsible on Judgement day. I as well as K-anonymous will be praying that you will not be closed minded, as you are claiming everyone who is a Christian is. Let Jesus take over your life and you will be in awe of the peace and changes he will bring you.

aww the expected coming of Jesus. Of course we don't know when it is. That would be putting a limit on God and he is limitless. And yes George Bush is ridiculous and he claims to be a Christian, but we see the fruits of his works and we see that anyone who lies and decieves others is not what the Bible teaches a true Christian to be. In case you didn't notice, this country was founded on religious freedom. God was the center-focus. THe further we turn from God, the further God turns from us. When America starts giving God the honor he deserves, then maybe we'll see a change in our country. And not just after big crisis like 9-11.

Uh Oh...I feel it...I feel Jesus taking over me...

Oh wait, *ugh*, no, that was just a fart.

You know, it's funny how many contradictions are inherent in your God-loving posts. The first anonymous post wanted me to hate myself, but she was going to pray for me. Gee, thanks. The second anonymous post said that God was the center-focus. I thought it had to do with tyranny, high taxes, etc. And religious freedom includes being FREE from religion.

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captain croncho:

Estoy surpreendido. Es el peor final de la mundial de sempre. Italia puede ganar, pero no merece.

Voy a escribir mas cuando estoy listo.

to everyone else:
I know Spanish--and I know a lot about the Bible and its falsehoods, too, religious nuts!

I actually find that "hater" is right many time I agree with him, because there is a lot of stupidity in the world.

Thank you, Adrian. I just call them like I see them.

saludos pana, pense que ibas a responder con mas odio..! jejeje pero veo que no, por eso has ganado mis constantes visitas en tu blog! jejeje, saludos my friend..!

Hey, Hater. Thanks for the comment on my site. Your site's funny, but you should lighten up a bit! :) Have a beer, and the 4th of July won't bother you so much.

I wish I could say I disagree with you, about America's jingoism, but I can't. On the other hand, someone like you (cynical, jaded, right?) should be happy to live in a country like ours. We, after all, have won. To the victor go the spoils. It was not your choice to accomplish this, but it has been done and you can benefit.

Here is what I mean. Would you rather live in a country which fights wars on its own soil or someone else's? Unless you have actually lived as a refugee and spent at least one year in a refugee camp, your only answer is "someone else's." War in your own country is a horrible experience, and you should always choose to be born in a country which fights its wars on other people's soil.

I think you should rewrite your post to be a sarcastic, but partially honest, praise of America's foreign policy which ensures the American way of life - which you certainly enjoy even if you find it morally corrupt!


It is right to assume that I would rather not fight a war on my own soil.

But the situation with Iraq is different. It wasn't a war of self-defense, but pre-emption. Here's what I mean:

Our leaders were planning to attack Iraq before and right after 9/11 all the while not telling us.
We were not under attack, nor under an imminent threat of attack, and there was significant evidence that Saddam had not reconstituted WMDs and was not going to pose a threat for the foreseeable future.

But the notion of pre-emption, to not take a chance if there is a 1 percent chance of being attacked, is being used to justify this war. As a natural result of the war, the relatives of the civilians that die because we bombed their village to secure their freedom will naturally hate us. These previously unthreatening individuals will feel compelled to join and come to our soil and fight (although not through conventional war, but rather through clandestine terrorist means).

I honestly believe that this idea is not practical and that my personal security has in fact been undermined by that line of thinking. In addition, our current military engagement has us overextended in a number of ways (including troop deployment and morale as well as financially), making us more vulnerable.

Hater, I felt the same way as you did - and still do - that pre-emptive attacks are immoral. But world politics are a tricky business, and even after saying that I have to agree that it's not really black and white.

While I do not believe that George Bush was forthcoming with the real reasons for invading Iraq (WMD's is balogne), I think his administration believed that by invading Iraq they would put the US in a good position to control events in the Middle East, the source of the people "bothering" us. Sitting in Iraq lets the US pressure Iran as well as Saudi Arabia, two of the sources of threat against the US. Clearly the plan has worked; have you seen how agitated Iran has been lately? Each week they have a new publicly announced plan for how they will use their "nuclear development program" to blow up Israel. That's the only thing they have which really scares the rest of the world, so they use it liberally.

I'm not sure the world is a safer place as a result of America's foreign policy. I am not sure if the world has become a more moral place, given America's aggressive "defense." I am quite certain that America's actions don't live up to its self-righteous claims as the benefactor of developing democracies and freedom around the world.

I wrote a post about how Americans are like Russians. I refrained from stating the similarity I see between Americans and *Soviet* Russians. Both were able to extend their power beyond their borders - upon unwilling smaller nations.

When Libya said it would stop pursuing WMDs, everyone credited this Administration's policies.
Iran is still openly pursuing nuclear technology while they are "surrounded" by us. As this is the exact opposite, I think you have to be critical of Bush foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran as well. Iran is also helping to fuel sectarian violence in Iraq, so going into Iraq has hurt us more than helped. Note also, Iran is a greater threat than Qaddafi and Libya.

So little has been said about Saudi Arabia, and so deep are the ties between the Bush and Saudi royal families, that you will never have a full counter-terrorist strategy with respect to the Saudis with this Administration (see House of Bush, House of Saud by Craig Unger).

I'd love to

to finish my last point...

I'd love to find some silver lining to all of this but I can't.

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