Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hilton probably scratching a herpes sore.

Paris Hilton is the epitomy of a media whore. She is one of the most searched names in major search engines. She has now released a CD. The only people worse than her are the boneheaded balllickers who buy that shit.

Her television show is embarassingly staged. She's not even that attractive.

I'm tired of her name being on TV all the time. What has this bitch done (besides all of Hollywood)? She will do anything for attention. She would fuck a homeless man if there was a camera rolling. I don't give a damn how much money she's inheriting. Her IQ is somewhere in between Shaq and George Bush.

I blame dumbasses who follow her every move and the media which needs shit to talk about. Now Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback and USC star Matt Leinart is dating her. You fucking schmuck. She is just being seen with you so her name will be out there for another couple of months. You deserve to get AIDS from her.

And her sex video sucked. She just layed there. What a wack bitch.


Yeah, God answered your prayers. That's why the Colts got their asses hand to them by the Steelers.

You know how many fuckin douchebags have pages on blogspot where they start out a post with a quote from the Bible, then comment on it?

You Bible-humping, hypocritical, confused pieces of shits should shut up. If you take a religious history course, you'll find out it's all bullshit.

You are no different from those Muslim extremists in Al Qaeda. You have a blind belief in something invisible and man-made and support the killing of other human beings in a futile attempt to protect yourself.

This rant was brought to you by an article on about Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy. An excerpt:

And yet Dungy is able to live with what other parents who have lost children often describe as an unbearable pain because of his faith....Dungy, a devout Christian, believes no matter what happens that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.
Holy fuckin shit. All I need now is for a drunk, boy touching priest to tell me that premarital sex is wrong.

If faith is what keeps you going, how do all the atheists survive? Do they run on gasoline? I mean, what the fuck. This shit has gone too far. Religion is thrust on us everywhere. Then you have crazy bitches like Ann Coulter who whine for attention and sell books of nonsense to "God-fearing" Christians who want to see the Ten Commandments posted on every school.

You know what would happen if you posted the ten commandments in a rough school? The kids would draw on it and tear it up. The Bible will not cause guns in school to disappear. But these cocksmoking assholes WANT you to believe that it will magically do just that.

When one of these nutjobs was asked to recite the 10 commandments in an interview, he only knew three.

So fuck religion and its phony powers.


So I come back from school last month, tune on to my favorite radio station to hear Star and Buc Wild (a radio morning show of self-proclaimed haters), and hear Big Tigger's corny ass and some bitch name Egypt (yes, like the country). The show absolutely sucked and I wondered what happened to them.

Power 105.1 FM took Star and Buc Wild off the air. If you don't live in New York or listen to rap, you probably have no fuckin clue who they are. Star and Buc Wild is like what a black Howard Stern would sound like. So, of course, they say funny ass shit and a lot of it's "controversial."

Apparently, Star (a.k.a. Troi Torain) was fired by Clear Channel after making "unacceptable" statements in a public fued with DJ Envy. Star said he would come for Envy's kids, do an R. Kelly on them (urinate on them), and offered 500 on-air to find out the name of the school they go to.

These are perfectly acceptable statements. Would you like to lose your job because you said you wanted to piss on someone else, or their children? Hell no. This is fucking bullshit. Radio in the morning sucks now. You've got Ms Jones on Hot 97, which is horrible, the aforementioned Big Tigger and that bitch, what's her name, Saudi Arabia, which is even worse.

Clear Channel is clearly hating on a hater.


Welcome to the page of the King of Hate.

I hate being told what to do. I hate waiting. I hate hot weather. I hate cold weather. I hate other drivers. I hate George Bush. I hate Hillary Clinton. I hate most types of music. Among the music I do like, I hate most of the artists. I hate cocky people. I hate cowardly people. I hate old people. I hate young people. I hate disabled people because it makes me feel guilty for being born without physical defects. I hate all religions. I hate million dollar athletes. I hate people who put yellow ribbons on their cars and act like they are more "American" than me. I hate big people. I hate small people. And I hate you. Fuck you.