Saturday, June 17, 2006


In a do-or-die game today at soccer's World Cup, Team USA was shafted by referee Jorge Larrionda of Uruguay. Shortly after giving an Italian player a deserved red card for a malicious elbow which caused American Brian McBride to bleed profusely, Larrionda gave the Americans two red cards within a five minute span.

The first red card was given to Pablo Mastroeni of the U.S. for a hard, but routine tackle. The second was given to Eddie Pope, again for a hard, but routine tackle. This meant the U.S. had to play nine on 10 for the entire second half against soccer superpower Italy, instead of having an eleven on ten advantage which they otherwise would have had. Coach Bruce Arena and several U.S. players were livid, and the analysts calling the game were too. The U.S. team somehow hung on for a gritty 1-1 tie, keeping their hopes of advancing alive.

If I was a U.S. player, after the second red card, I would have punched him in the mouth, grabbed the red card out of his shirt pocket, pull down his shorts, and force it into his anus as the whole world watched.

Larrionda was suspended for "irregularities that were denounced by other referees" in 2002 and was not allowed to referee in the World Cup that year. So what did the geniuses at FIFA decide to do? Allow him to referee in this Cup. Great job, douchebags.

His place of residence is listed as Montevideo, Uruguay. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has a specific address for this cocksucker so I can post it on this site for people to send hate mail.