Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Dumb and Dumber

The Dallas Mavericks were on the verge of an easy NBA Finals win. They were up 2-0 heading to Miami. Sports talking heads everywhere declared the Mavs clearly the better team. There was even talk of a 4 game sweep.

In Game 6 last night, the Mavs took a 14 point lead in the first quarter. They ended up losing 95-92, Miami's fourth straight win, winning the series four games to two.

Here's what Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki said after the game:

"We had a heck of a year. Nobody expected us to come out of the West. But right now, the frustration is high."

Here's what he should have said:

"I'm a fucking douchebag. We choked. We played like 4 year old girls. I'm a bitch. My team is full of bitches. We got beat by a team with one star and a bunch of has-beens."

What a fucking collapse. They wanted to play no defense, throw-up-jumpers pussy basketball in the finals and rightfully got rammed in the ass, hard.

Dirk, you suck you lame piece of shit. You should have put this team on your back and willed them to victory. You're a loser at heart and you always will be.