Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have been a Knicks fan my whole life. I now want to burn all of my Knicks paraphernalia. I want to make a voodoo doll of Isiah Thomas and stab it with a butcher knife.

Isiah Thomas was a great basketball player. That has not carried over to being a good general manager. In fact, he is by far the worst and most pathetic GM in all of sports.

He brings in Stephon Marbury, the most individualistic player in the NBA. Marbury has played for just about every team in the NBA because he is an egotistic loser and teams try to trade him away within months of acquiring him. Of course, Thomas ignored this. People said that Thomas saw a little bit of himself in Marbury. He can put a little bit of his penis and have butt sex with Stephon Marbury on the Madison Square Garden court for all I care.

Thomas also trades away our first round pick, I think it was supposed to be #2 overall this year, for Eddy Curry. Curry is a fat fuck with a heart problem that has done nothing in the NBA.

Then he signs Larry Brown away from Detroit. I am happy. I am optimistic. Brown has an amazing record of turning NBA teams around into title contenders. His teams also usually struggle in his first year as coach. So after a 23-59 first season with a team of losers that Thomas himself assembled, what does he do? Fire Brown and name himself as coach.

Isiah Thomas, you are the biggest douchebag yet. You should be removed from the Hall of Fame. You are a disgrace.