Friday, June 23, 2006


At the top of every blogspot page is that toolbar that has the options "search this blog", "flag", "next page", etc. I like to check out other blogs, so once in a while like to use the "next blog" feature. Most blogs suck donkey balls. Many are in foreign languages. But every once in a while I find one that is really good and I bookmark it.

There's just one thing that destroys this hobby of mine--cocksuckers who remove the toolbar from the page.

What, are you afraid someone's gonna leave your page? Then post some worthwhile shit, assholes. And it's a good thing, douchebags: people can find and be directed to your page. You want traffic don't you?

Blogspot, or Blogger, should delete your page if you remove the toolbar code. They should start out deleting the pages with thousands of posts that do this to teach you bastards a lesson.

And that's not the worst thing, either. The ABSOLUTE WORST is when people put pop-ups and other add-in codes which prompt you and shit. I went onto one page where I was prompted to enter a password. I was like, "What the fuck is this shit?" I had to 'X' out the page. When I did that ALL of my other browser windows closed. Fuck you, you stupid schmuck who did that. Blogspot should shoot you.