Monday, June 26, 2006


Someone please shoot this douchebag. Please!

Fuck Italy. Yeah, that's right, I said it Vinny. Your national team is a bunch of cocksuckers. How much money did you give/how many threats did you make to the referee this time. YOu guys seem pretty used to it--your top club teams are mired in a referee payoff scandal.

Today, after 94 minutes of valiant Australian play, Italy's Gross-o flops in the box with 10 seconds left, and the Italians are handed the game.

Disagree? Here are some posts from to prove my point:

1."What a horrible way to finish. Australia’s hearts are ripped out, after being the better side, and another terrible officiating performance has ruined yet another World Cup game. Someone tell Sepp Blatter that his officiating has ruined this tourney, and it’s bound to get worse...My heart goes out to the Aussies, who were the better team today, and did not deserve that awful call. Horrid."

2."How can I most eloquently express my feelings about this game? I'm going to go with:

Fuck Italy."

3.Before the penalty kick call:"The Italian Diving Team is at it again. At least the ref's not falling for most of it.

I can't even describe how much I loathe the Italians and their bullshit."

4."Wow, and I thought the US got screwed. Sorry Aussies, that penalty call was truly fucked."

5."And another World Cup soccer match is decided by cheating and flopping."


Will no one in Germany do the civil service of hitting the Italian soccer players in their throats with a crescent wrench?"

7."Watching the Italians is making me hate the beautiful game - and I've been a fan since going to a US-Costa Rica qualifier in 1989. I also traveled a bit in Italy and love the Italian people, but I hate these f*ckers and the way they play."

CNNSI's Mark Bechtel: "There was contact, to be sure, but Grosso could easily have avoided it. Instead, he stepped on a prostrate Neill and went to ground. I know that the rules are supposed to be enforced evenly, to me, for the 93rd minute in the knockout stages of the World Cup game, it was a lame call."

Some posts from CNNSI's WC Blog:

1. I find it amazing that the PK is being defended. If a dive like that was commited early in the game it would have been a yellow card for diving. The reason Grosso didn't go down the first time is because there was nothing in that either. The extent of the foul was equal to the handball earlier by the Italians. Yes it hit half his arm, but no, it did not merit a PK to Australia.
Anyway FIFA got what they wanted.

2. That was a clear and shameless dive on the part of Grosso. He made sure to drag his left leg on Neill so as to give himself an excuse to take a flop.

This unfairly-given penalty kick was even worse than the unfairly-given one in the the USA-Ghana match. That one featured no foul at all; this one featured no foul at all PLUS a dive.

As far as I'm concerned, FIFA needs new management -- management that will crack down on dives and poor refereeing.

An MSNBC article on the Australian reaction:

“It just looked like he dived over him. Didn’t look like there was any contact,” said defender Scott Chipperfield.

Cahill was incensed, saying the Italian should have been yellow-carded for diving.

“I just can’t believe it, mate,” said Cahill. “We play all our lives to be honest on the pitch and to work hard and I suppose these days you fall over on the pitch and get a penalty, free kick whatever. It’s disappointing.

I’m furious. It’s unbelievable. The luck we’ve had with refereeing decisions this World Cup, everything’s been against us.”

Michael Davies of ESPN:
"Do you know why that definitely isn't a penalty? Because Giorgio Chinaglia was so adamant that it was. Can't believe that Wynalda didn't challenge him on that. Whenever my daughter falls over on purpose at the end of "Ring a Ring a Rosie" or whatever that dark, horrible, bubonic-plague-nostalgic nursery rhyme is called, she yells "Wo-oah!" And that's exactly what she screamed at the television when Fabio Grosso tripped deliberately over Lucas Neill's motionless body instead of just jumping over it. Proof that it was an absolutely intentional fall. She is completely impartial. Elmo doesn't play for either side."

...Italy now has a clear path to the Semis, as they play an uninspiring Ukrainian team. They don't deserve it one bit. Fuck you assholes. And your flag looks like the Mexican flag. HA!