Monday, July 03, 2006


This is Independence Day Weekend in America. A holiday of fireworks, barbecues, and mindnumbing flag-waving. Yes I said it, report me to the CIA.

Don't be an idiot. We don't live in a country that's that free (see attempt at passing a flag burning law). And we certainly aren't fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people.

The definition of jingoism is: "Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism." Holy fucking shit, this describes America EXACTLY.

This past friday, Republican lawmakers tried to pass a flag-burning amendment. It required 67 votes, and fell only one vote short.

Joy Day, of Terry Stulce for Congress, a Democratic Congressional campaign, put it best:

The “Flag Protection Amendment” was nothing less than clumsy jingoism meant to exploit Americans’ love of their country and distract them from this administration’s long list of failures. I would be very disappointed if my fellow Americans weren’t clever enough to see past the flag waving to the cynical motives behind it. And I will be even more disappointed if they do not send a clear message to Washington in November: we are not that gullible, we will not be manipulated by such cheap shenanigans, we will not be distracted from your utter failure of leadership and vision, and we WILL send you home.

Do you know how many incidents of flag burning were reported in the US last year? FOUR. The year before it was THREE. And some motherfuckers were reporting this as a 33% increase, to scare more people into supporting this breach of freedom of speech.

What we've seen since 9/11 is the exploitation of this tragedy by Bush and his administration to pursue their own self-serving motives. Anyone with half a brain knows that it wasn't about WMD. Bush even wanted to paint a plane in UN colors so that Saddam would shoot at it and he would have another reason for going to war.
Surprisingly, 60 million Americans voted for this douchebag, and most of those still spprove of his performance.

We have talking heads like Sean Hannity on 'fair and balanced' news channels saying that you're not free if you're dead--in response to civil liberties concerns with the Patriot Act, surveillance programs, etc. Well I think the Iraqis feel the same way, douchebag! 127,000 Iraqis have died since invasion--and we are supposedly fighting for their "freedom." The hypocrisy reeks.

An eloquent piece by Ray Cassin written a month before the invasion:

"On the President's own testimony, a lot of things have already been decided. Such as that the administration will no longer be constrained by the need to identify a clear and imminent threat before launching a military attack. Since when have dictators given notice of their intentions, the President asked, blithely ignoring the fact that resort to pre-emptive attacks of the kind he advocates has in the past been a characteristic of the rogue states he claims to be protecting us from. If he feels free to violate international law just because he can, on what basis does he condemn them? Contempt for international law and the order it sustains is what defines a rogue state.

And not only will the US make war on whomever it wishes, whenever it wishes, it is prepared to use "the full force and might" of its military. This is apparently a declaration that the US no longer regards its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent only. Is it to be used against those who possess weapons of mass destruction? The contradictions multiply.

This is what is new in the world: a superpower so enraged at the September 11 attack upon it, and so convinced of its divine mandate, that it is prepared to trample on the international order it purports to be defending. George Bush's America has come a long way from that of Franklin Roosevelt and his four freedoms. The obfuscators are not only wrong to compare Hitler and Saddam; they also do violence to history when they ignore the ideals of those who defeated Hitler."

Independence Day is now Jingoism Day. Wave your flag, or be a traitor.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, the launching of the space shuttle was "delayed" until the 4th. Now millions of American families will sit around picnic tables feeling "proud" that we sent a billion dollar hunk of metal into space.


CAPTION FROM BBC: Things get worse after an hour when Wayne Rooney stamps on Portugal defender Ricardo Carvalho's testicles

England lost to Portugal on penalty kicks on Saturday. The turning point in the game was Rooney's red card received 15 minutes into the 2nd half. Much ado has been made about Cristiano Ronaldo's lobbying of the referee after the foul to Carvalho. I would love to urinate on Ronaldo--he did give a wink after the play, but I think Rooney is the one who really deserves to be drowned in a pool of piss.

As to be expected, his teammates came to Rooney's defense:

Fellow midfielder Frank Lampard: "He's supposed to be a teammate of Wayne's at Manchester United and he does something like that. It's not nice, is it? A lot has been made of trying to promote fair play in this tournament and that was certainly not fair play. Unfortunately that's the way it is with some players. We were told that anyone who tried to get someone else a yellow or red card would get a yellow but it just hasn't happened."

"I saw what Ronaldo did," said Steven Gerrard, according to English reports. "I saw him going over to the referee and giving him the card and I think he was bang out of order. If he were one of my teammates I would be absolutely disgusted with him...After Wayne was sent off he (Ronaldo) winked at his bench and his teammates and that just about sums him up as a person. If I were playing against a teammate from Liverpool and they were involved in a situation like that I would never try to get them sent off."

Ronaldo did not step on Carvalho's balls--Rooney did. And it was intentional. That alone was a red card offense. The referee came over and checked on Carvalho. Next, Ronaldo ran up to the scene of the play--as anyone on England would have done. The argument that Ronaldo shouldn't have "done that" to Rooney, a teammate of his at Manchester United, is fucking ridiculous. I wouldn't expect Rooney or Hargreaves or any English player to not do the same thing because he plays with a player who stomped on his teammate's balls. Next, as if stepping on Carvalho's package wasn't enough, Mr. Hothead pushed Ronaldo for complaining about the obviously malicious tackle by Rooney. Even if you believe the stomping wasn't worthy of a direct red, Rooney's subsequent unsportsmanlike shove was a second yellow. He left his team out to dry in a highly contested game in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

Rooney is a maniac. He should be put in a straight jacket and in a padded room. From

The Sun reported that Rooney threatened to "split [Ronaldo] in two" when the two next meet.

The Daily Mail reported that an irate Rooney tried to get into the Portugal dressing room after the match before senior players stepped in and warned he was putting his career in jeopardy.

To Lampard and Gerrard, I say: douchebags, if you hit your penalties you could have won. You wouldn't have treated it differently than Ronaldo.

And as for Ronaldo flopping, Rooney fell at least five times looking for cheap foul calls against Ecuador.

Fan commentaries from CNNSI:

1. I had no rooting interest in either side before the game began. Rooney deserved the red card, Ronaldo didn't earn it for him. Now, Rooney's threats expose him as the hooligan who probably caused England the match. Because Portugal was so inept with the one man advantage I began to root for an English victory. Wathcing the PK's however, Portugal earned the victory based on their goal keepers performance alone. Was he that good, or was England that bad?

2. Rooney is a wonderful talented player who can't control his temper, which could keep him from reaching his potential. To blame Ronaldo for his teenage-like behavior (like stepping on a player's groin), Rooney is misplacing responsibility. In the World Cup, Ronaldo doesn't owe Rooney a thing...

3. I can't believe the infantile comments from Rooney and the Fleet Street press. Take some responsibility for your life; if you deliberately kick somebody in the groin, you get thrown out of the game. It is ridiculous for the English to suggest/expect that because Ronaldo plays in the Premiership, he should somehow not do everything he can to help Portugal win, including pleading an obvious red card to the refs (as if nobody else complains).

4. How is it possible that English press say that Rooneys sent off was due to Ronaldos coments, did anybody see what Rooney did? and cant they just accept the fact that thy cant score penalty kicks when the preasure is high ? England lost due to there inabilit to deliver period.

5. Rooney stomped Carvalho's balls for crying out loud. In the rest of the world that's the worst foul of the tournament. In Spanish it's called an auto-expulsion. Rooney is the idiot all the England fans would like to be, and he has done this crap over and over again. Of course Ronaldo's a punk, but after all it was Rooney who pushed Ronaldo, not the other way around.

6. IMHO too many bad sports in England. Blaming Ronaldo for getting Rooney thrown out!?! Give me a break....

Some dissenting views:

1. As for Portugal not being a dirty team all you need to do is look at which team has recieved the most red & yellow cards. Rooney if he stamped he deserved to be sent off but what was the need for Ronaldo to run 40 yards across the pitch to speak to the ref?

2. Cavalho dogged Rooney from behind and lurched in. Did Cavalho think he would win the ball that way? Why didn't the ref blow the whistle earlier? Where was protecting player from tackle behind? Why didn't C Ronaldo get booked for influencing referee?

Rooney lost his head, which he often does, and cost his team the opportunity to win the game. I know the English are pointing to Cristiano Ronaldo, but England (and especially Rooney) have to take a look in the mirror for this one.